"I can help you step into the panic and chaos of the markets and with calm precision, pull out the opportunities from the Eye of the Storm."

What is the Logical Signals Trade Room about?

The Logical Signals Trade Room will ALSO provide personalized coaching and a strong educational focus on strategies. 

I have found that many traders don’t realize the “stumbling block” that prevents them from being consistently successful in spite of their tenacity and dedication to the process. 

Breaking old habits in favor of developing new productive habits can remain in the darkness until revealed often by a coach. Developing skills to overcome doubt and fear are important, but the first step is always acknowledging that it exists. 

My goal through coaching is to help every trader find what their OWN stumbling blocks are.

Live Trade Analysis: We share our full analysis for every trade we take, including when we plan to enter and why, where our stop will be, and where our profit targets will be.

Education: We offer ongoing education and teach you how to identify when the market is trending or ranging and how to spot the best times to take a trade. We wait and let our trade set ups come to us. It is as important, or possibly more important, to know when NOT to take a trade as it is when to take a trade.

Live Discussion: Including several factors of trading such as psychology, risk management, position sizing and much more.

You’ll learn a number of different strategies that work in the now.  

We all know markets change and strategies always need to evolve and change too. That’s a fact you can’t ignore.

In my experience, the path to profitable trading has turned towards removing our recognized and unrecognized “road blocks.”

It used to be simpler to trade in terms of being able to label the market as bullish or bearish and then knowing how and when to trade.

But over the years, and particularly with electronic trading, it became much more complex. You can’t make bullish or bearish statements that actually mean anything in terms of making a good decision anymore.

People still do it, but it’s certainly not the basis for a sound trading decision. At any given time there are many groups and factions of traders in the market, all with their own particular reasons to be there.

There are day traders, index arbitrage traders, options traders, and a myriad of different algorithms at work. If you sit and try to figure out why they are buying or selling, believing the answer will enable you to make a good trading decision, you’re going to be wrong most of the time because there’s more than just one predominant reason the market is moving in a particular direction.

 I attempt to take that kind of thinking out of the equation.

To put it another way, I focus on the actual basics and keep it simple.

When you over-analyze, rationalize, come up with theories – even if they are informed by years of experience – you are either going to miss the trade or make a decision that is actually based on nothing real and therefore it won’t bring you consistent results.

The news is a good example of analysis that is a waste of time. They change their mind every other day. Clearly, their job is to engage their audience, but it doesn’t really matter if they say it’s going up or down – as long as they have some half-credible reasoning to back it up.

I hope you truly take advantage of what this opportunity can offer you.

1. Trading Schedule:
We meet and trade, Monday through Friday – with the room opening at 6:00 AM PDT and remaining open until 9:00 AM PDT. I often trade the entire session but would reserve that time for “live trading” coaching sessions.

2. List of Traded Futures:
S&P 500 (ES), NASDAQ 100 (NQ), and Gold (GC)

You're not just another anonymous profile in a busy trade room. That should be abundantly clear from the above. To put a fine point on it, your success is vital to me – that’s why the Logical Signals Trade Room is so valuable to members. So if you ever have a question, comment or concern – be sure to stay in close contact with me!

About Michael

I have been involved with the financial markets since 1979 when I got my start on the Pacific Stock Exchange Options trading floor.

I have traded on the London Traded Options Market, Amsterdam’s European Options Exchange and DTB in Germany.

My articles on technical analysis covering the major indices, bonds, currencies and commodities of Europe and the U.S. have been published internationally on SeekingAlpha, European Traders Daily, Global Market Strategist, and GMS Techstreet.com.

As a Market Maker on the San Francisco, Amsterdam and London options trading floors, I have studied the psychology both employed and self-employed by the most successful traders.

My mission with the Logical Signals Trade Room is to present personalized education using analysis and tools that contribute to being able to step into the panic and chaos of the markets and with calm precision and pull out the opportunities from the eye of the storm.



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